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Unibank OJSC is one of the most popular Armenian banks that is dynamically developing and offers a wide range of services to clients.
Through 18 years of work, the bank has gained the trust of wide layers of the population and has acquired a flawless business reputation among partners.
Today Unibank is represented by 51 branches and the head office.
Favorable terms together with innovative approaches to the development of financial products in line with market expectations and quality servicing - they all contribute to the establishment of mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with customers. This also results in strengthening the leading positions in both retail and corporate banking sector of Armenia.

Unibank services:
Multi-Currency VISA Infinite
Credit line
Privé International Concierge service International Insurance Policy
Lounge Key Service
Online Services
Deposit boxes
Special offers.

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Euram bank

Euram bank is a private bank established in Vienna in 1999. It is 100% owned by its managing partners and private investors. Main profile — private banking and investment banking, which also includes investment advisory and asset management.

Euram Bank offers financial services and products for Austrian and international private clients, family businesses and institutional clients.

The range of investment ideas and products of Euram Bank is represented, as follows:
Professional investment consulting
Asset management (based on individual mandates)
Investments in securities, currencies, derivatives and precious metals
Securities lending and special financing
Fiduciary services.

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LGT is the largest private banking and asset management group in the world.
Bank LGT Bank (Austria) AG is a branch of the Liechtenstein Bank, which was established in 1920 as Bank in Liechtenstein AG. Bank LGT Bank (Austria) AG is 100% controlled by LGT Group Foundation from Vaduz. The group is owned by the family of Prince Liechtenstein, so the bank can be regarded as private.

In 2004, LGT opened its representative office in Austria, in 2007 received a banking licence as LGT Bank (Osterreich) AG, and in 2012 became a fully valid subsidiary of LGT Bank in Liechtenstein Ltd in Austria.

The products of LGT Bank (Austria) AG include:
Investment and savings personal and corporate accounts
Investments in the Princely Strategy
Trust asset management
Individual financial planning
Investment advisory and property management.

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AstroBank (previously named as Piraeus Bank Cyprus) was a former part of the Piraeus Bank Group established in 1916. Piraeus Bank went through a period of state ownership and management (1975-1991) and finally was privatized in December 1991.

In 2012, Piraeus Bank took part in the restructuring program of Greek banks and led the vanguard of the Greek banking sector.
In 2013, Piraeus Bank had sufficient capital and was included in a group of 4 system banks coordinated by the Greek Financial Stability Fund with the purpose of consolidating under-capitalized banks.

During the restructuring of the banking group in 2017, Piraeus Bank Cyprus was sold to an investment group led by Lebanese businessman Maurice Senawi and it was subsequently renamed as AstroBank.

AstroBank Limited has established two international business units located in Nicosia and Limassol. These units are specialized centres that deal with international clients. They also maintain private and corporate accounts, offer a wide range of services aimed at meeting requirements of all clients in modern financial markets.

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Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus is the largest commercial bank in Cyprus, founded in 1899. It operates in Cyprus and the UK. From 2008 to 2014 its subsidiary had been operating in Ukraine. In 2014, Bank of Cyprus increased its registered capital to 1 billion euros.

Bank of Cyprus possesses 83% of the accounts of Cyprian residents, which accounts for 60% of the total corporate accounts and 40% of the whole banking sector. Bank shares are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE). The bank is the largest listed company on exchange in terms of market capitalization.

Bank of Cyprus Services:
Retail banking
Corporate banking
Asset management
Insurance services.

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MKB Bank

MKB Bank was established in 1950 to perform international payment transactions and banking operations related to foreign trade supplies. In 1987, MKB Bank received a full commercial banking licence. Now it operates as a universal bank, offering retail and corporate banking products and services for individuals, SMEs and large companies, through direct channels, branches and online banking.

MKB Bank offers a full range of financial services to corporate clients. The service packages are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and high-profile corporate clients. They provide for quick and safe execution of operations with funds in the account and for the usage of universal services tailored to the specific client’s needs. Corporate clients can choose one of the investment options: deposits, government securities, Bank bonds etc.

MKB Bank Services include:
E-banking services
Factoring financing
Investment loan
Lombard loan
Investment decisions.

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Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.

Sberbank Magyarország Zrt. (Sberbank of Hungary) is a subsidiary of the Austrian bank Sberbank Europe AG. It provides a full range of banking services for individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises and corporate clients in Hungary.
The bank has been successfully operating in the Hungarian market since 1993, and since 2013 it has been represented as Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.
The main shareholder of the bank is Sberbank Europe AG, which since February 2012 has been 100% owned by the Russian Sberbank.

Sberbank Europe AG Group is present in 8 European markets including Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany.
Currently, the network of Sberbank of Hungary has 27 branches and 7 centres for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing full coverage in Hungary.

Sberbank of Hungary offers a range of services to corporate clients, as follows:
Savings and Investments
Financing supported by the European Investment Bank
Project finance
Lombard loans
Letters of credit
Payment cards.

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Bank CenterCredit

CenterCredit Bank was established on September 19, 1988, and is one of the first commercial banks in Kazakhstan.

The Bank has its own wide subsidiary network in Kazakhstan. It offers services to legal entities and individuals in more than 100 subsidiaries and branches.

The bank's correspondent network includes about 40 foreign banks and allows performing settlements with partners all across the globe.

JSC BCC is an active participant to almost all programs of state support for business. BCC is the leader in the number of signed bank guarantee agreements by JSC Entrepreneurship Development Fund “Damu” within the framework of the Business Roadmap 2020 program.

Corporate Services:
Current account
Remote Services
Lending for SMEs
State programs
Payment cards
Quick revenue
Bank guarantees
Trade finance
Treasury securities
Internet Acquiring
Currency control
Salary project
Online conversion

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Halyk Bank

Halyk Bank (Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC) is the largest universal commercial bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan that has been successfully operating since 1923.

Halyk Bank accounts for 33% of Kazakhstan’s banking sector, with its assets amounting to 8.84 trillion tenges at the end of 2019. Moreover, it is a leader in terms of shareholders' equity (1.25 trillion tenges), deposits of individuals and legal entities (6.43 trillion) and net profits (315 billion).

Halyk Group is the largest universal financial-services group in Kazakhstan. Halyk Group operates in all segments of the financial market. It is focused on balanced growth in all sectors and provides a wide range of services such as:
Banking services
Brokerage services
Asset management in the retail, corporate and SME sectors.

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The story of Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia Joint Stock Company in Kazakhstan started at the end of 2006, when Sberbank of Russia purchased 99.99% of shares of TeksakaBank which was recognized as the Bank with the best client service level according to the National Business magazine.

In 2007 the Bank received licence to perform bank and other operations exercised by banks in national and foreign currencies. In the same year, the authorized capital of the Bank was increased almost 15 times and reached KZT 29 bln (more than USD 240 mln). This allowed SB Sberbank JSC to be ranked among TOP- 10 largest banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of the authorized capital amount.
SB Sberbank JSC has extensive liaisons with the world's largest banks, as well as profound experience in dealing with clients and partners involved in various economic areas.

As of today, SB Sberbank JSC has a branch network comprising 101 structural subdivisions, 17 of which are branches.

The central office of the Bank is located in Almaty.

Sberbank PJSC is the main shareholder of Subsiduary Bank Sberbank JSC.

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Jýsan Bank

Zhusan Bank was founded as Cesnabank in 1992.
In 2019, First Heartland Securities acquired 99.5% of the common stocks of Cesnabank, and the bank changed its name to First Heartland Jýsan Bank with the retail brand Jýsan Bank.

According to a number of reliability parameters, Jýsan Bank is ranked among the top three leading banks in Kazakhstan in terms of highly liquid assets share that amounts to more than 680 billion tenges (70% of all assets). Jýsan Bank ranks first in terms of cumulative loan portfolio reserves as regarding provision creating. This is proof that Jýsan Bank is one of the most reliable financial institutions in Kazakhstan.

The Bank actively develops its IT platform, new card products and a mobile application, thus shaping its ecosystem on the basis of its 5-year strategy.

The Bank provides the following services:
Currency exchange
Money transfers
Exchange operations
Settlement and cash services
Safe depository
VIP service
Deposits guarantees.

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ForteBank is one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, formed in 2015 as a result of the merger of Alliance Bank JSC, Temirbank JSC and ForteBank JSC.

ForteBank is one of the three largest banks in Kazakhstan by the assets and holds a leading position in by capitalization and liquidity. The bank's assets in 2019 amounted to 2.2 trillion tenges, which is 24% more than in 2018. Net income amounted to 38.3 billion tenges, or 53% more than in 2018.

In May 2019, ForteBank acquired a 100% stake in Kassa Nova Bank JSC, which continues to operate as a subsidiary bank. In December, Fitch Ratings affirmed ForteBank's long-term rating at B and improved its outlook from Stable to Positive.

The main shareholder of the bank is Bulat Utemuratov (No. 4 of the Forbes Kazakhstan richest businessmen rating), which owns an 87.27% stake.

The ForteBank mobile application was recognized as No. 1 in Kazakhstan and among the 10 best in the CIS according to the Russian analytical agency Markswebb. ForteBank became “Bank of the Year in Kazakhstan” according to Global Finance, The Banker and Asiamoney.

ForteBank services for individuals and corporate clients:
Safe boxes
Premier — Premium Service
Family — Family Care Package

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Founded in 1998, BENDURA BANK AG is a fully-licensed bank headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The company is a subsidiary (84.69%) of Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Ltd. — a Hong Kong-listed luxury goods group. Bank’s key employees hold 15.11% share of authorized capital.

BENDURA BANK AG manages assets worth around 3.5 billion Swiss francs. In terms of after-tax income, the bank ranks 4th among 13 banks of the financial sector of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

BENDURA BANK AG offers wealthy business families and private individuals financial services tailored to their individual needs and wishes. This involves, on the one hand, investment advice and asset management, and, on the other hand, operational services.

Along with individual servicing and clients’ wealth management, the main banking services also include international payment transactions, securities issue, unit investment funds (UIFs).

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Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB)

Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) is one of Liechtenstein's oldest investment banks, established in 1861. In 1993, was transformed into a public company, Since 1993 Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) has been listed as a public company at the Swiss Stock Exchange. Today, the Liechtenstein state remains the main shareholder of the bank and owns 57.5% of its share capital. Thus, the bank has state support that acts as a guarantee for all clients of LLB.

LLB Group has 3 branches in Liechtenstein, 19 in the Swiss cantons, as well as in Geneva, Vienna, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The bank offers a wide network of 50 ATMs: 20 in Liechtenstein and 30 in Eastern Switzerland.

LLB provides not only traditional banking services but also solves all financial issues of its clients. This is the most evident in the range of services and products offered by the bank both to private and corporate clients.

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Bank Alpinum

Bank Alpinum was founded in 2001 by families of investors from Switzerland and Germany. The largest shareholder of the bank is the Swiss holding TransInvest Group, which provides transport and logistic services in 35 countries in the world.

Bank Alpinum offers its customers a wide range of financial instruments and a tailored approach to solving investment, tax planning and capital structure issues.

Bank Alpinum is one of the few independent banks in Liechtenstein. In its work, the bank's management relies primarily on clients’ needs.
The services offered by this bank are not limited to the standard package of services, such as opening current and deposit accounts. Here you can find tools for financial and tax planning, capital structuring, estate planning, investment portfolio management. Bank’s experts also advise on investment decisions and risk management.

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Siauliu Bankas

Siauliu Bankas AB Bank, registered in Lithuania, was established in 1992 on the basis of the Šiauliai Industrial Branch of the Bank of Lithuania. Siauliu Bankas operates on the basis of a banking licence issued by the Bank of Lithuania (Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania). It is headquartered in Šiauliai. EBRD is the majority shareholder of this bank.

Siauliu Bankas provides access to classical banking services to legal entities and individuals both Lithuanian residents and non-residents. It offers high-quality and comprehensible service of European level that includes:
Opening and maintenance of corporate and personal accounts
Payment operations Swift, SEPA
Currency exchange operations
Payment card Issue
Investment products
Trade finance
Bank guarantees
Consumer lending.

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UAB Medicinos Bankas

UAB Medicinos Bankas is a Lithuanian bank registered in 1992 and operating on the basis of a banking licence from the Bank of Lithuania (Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania). The head office is in Vilnius.

The first bank in Lithuania that have provided online banking service to its clients.
The majority shareholder of Medicinos Bankas is Konstantinas Karosas, the son and heir of the bank founder, Saulius Karosas, a well-known philanthropist, collector, one of the richest citizens of Lithuania. The business of Saulius Karosas was built on energy and medicine trade, from which the name of the bank actually originated.

Medicinos Bankas provides access to classical banking services for legal entities and individuals both Lithuanian residents and non-residents. It offers high-quality and comprehensible service of European level that includes:

Opening and maintenance of corporate and personal accounts
Payment operations Swift, SEPA
Currency exchange operations
Payment card issuance
Investment products
Trade finance
Bank guarantees
Consumer lending.

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Novo Banco Luxembourg

Novo Banco Luxembourg in Luxembourg is a branch of one of the oldest banking groups in Portugal, which has been providing first-class service to its customers all over the world for 140 years.

Banco Espírito Santo Group is represented in 25 countries and 4 continents. Such a successful development of the bank is due to existing values and painstaking work to satisfy all the financial needs of the bank's customers.

The main strategy of the bank on its road to success is a strict division of clients into relevant groups, which allows its experts to provide the most suitable banking and investment services. And, what is more, to provide professional solutions in accordance with the client group.

Novo Banco Luxembourg in Luxembourg positions itself not only as a professional business partner but also as a successful investment partner. At the very beginning of the cooperation between the client and the bank, Novo Banco Luxembourg conducts an in-depth study of each client, evaluates their professional knowledge and offers suitable investment products.

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East West United Bank

East West United Bank was founded in 1974, after the meeting of the ministers of the USSR and Luxembourg that began the idea of establishing a Soviet bank in Luxembourg. East West United Bank was among the first foreign banks in Luxembourg to promote the development of trade relations between the USSR and the Benelux countries.

Strengthening its position in Eastern European markets, the bank is also working to expand its clientele in Western Europe.

East West United Bank is a great option for those who are looking for a reliable financial partner in Europe. Luxembourg, being a secure and stable jurisdiction with modern legislation coupled with Bank’s forty years of professional experience – all this creates the necessary conditions for the long-term and productive cooperation.

East West United Bank offers to its corporate clients a full range of corporate banking services from transactional products and services to comprehensive structured solutions developed for the holding level of multinational companies.

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Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas is a part of the BNP Paribas group, established in 1966 as a result of the merger of BNCI (National Bank of Commerce and Industry) and CNEP (National Business Fund of Paris) that were previously founded in 1848.

The Group helps all its clients (individuals, community associations, entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporate and institutional clients) to realize their projects through solutions spanning financing, investment, savings and protection insurance. In Europe, the Group has four domestic markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg) and BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the leader in consumer lending. BNP Paribas is rolling out its integrated retail-banking model in Mediterranean countries, in Turkey, in Eastern Europe and through an extensive network of branches in the western part of the United States.

Bank BGZ BNP Paribas in Poland offers advantageous solutions for businesses and individuals. In the majority of branches, there are consultants speaking either Ukrainian or English. Ukrainian UkrSibbank is also the member to BNP Paribas group.

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BGK — Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego was founded in 1924 by the merger of three state-owned banks from the Galicia region — National Bank of Poland, State Bank for Reconstruction and Credit Institution.
After 1926, BGK's activities focused on supporting state and municipal institutions, the defence industry, and the management of industrial enterprises, which were placed under state control.

Currently, BGK actively participates in the implementation of the state's economic objectives. As assigned by the government, BGK manages several special-purpose funds and a number of governmental programmes (including the National Road Fund, the National Housing Fund, the Thermo-Modernization and Reconstruction Fund and the Railway Fund).
In addition to carrying out activities on behalf of the state, BGK is engaged in institutional banking.

BGK services include:
Fixed-term deposits for individuals
Corporate bank cards
Account service
Settlement services
Corporate deposits, credits and loans
Repayment of obligations
Export financing
Collateral and guarantees
Discount financial instruments
Operations in the money and foreign exchange markets
Investment-grade issuance services

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Crédit Agricole Polska

Crédit Agricole Bank Polska is a universal bank that has been present in the Polish market for nearly 20 years and is one of the most commonly recommended banks in Poland. It offers banking services to retail customers and corporations, to farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as consumer lending services. Crédit Agricole Bank is a part of the Crédit Agricole Group — the 10th largest financial group in the world, operating in 49 countries worldwide and providing services to more than 52 million customers every day.

Crédit Agricole Bank provides daily banking services (accounts, cards, deposits) and almost every type of loan. Their leasing, factoring, corporate and investment banking experts are ready to cater to clients’ needs. Crédit Agricole Bank operates in various fields of business and provides services to individuals, SME, big international corporations, as well as farmers and agribusiness clients.
Crédit Agricole Bank competences are not limited only to financial services; it also offers a wide range of insurance: motor, property and life insurance.

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MBank was founded in 1986 as Rozwoju Eksportu Bank (BRE Bank) and over the years has been systematically developing its competencies in servicing various client groups and continually expanding its financial services list. In November 2013 the brands of MultiBank, BRE Bank and mBank were replaced by the single brand — Bank.

After the end of the rebranding process, the bank acquired not only a new image but also new values. Today it is a universal bank specializing in catering for all client groups, providing comprehensive services within the framework of retail, business, corporate and private banking, leasing, factoring and a full range of brokerage operations.

For many years MBank has been synonymous with innovative banking solutions, being the first Internet bank in Poland in its entirety. Today it defines the direction of mobile and online banking development. MBank is one of the strongest and fastest-growing financial brands in Poland that has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1992.

The group also includes the mBank Hipoteczny mortgage bank. Clients that appreciate first-class specialized financial services and an individual approach can make use of the private banking and asset management services offered by mBank Group.

Bank website link

PKO Bank

PKO Bank was founded on February 8, 1919, as Pocztowa Kasa Oszczędności. In 2000 the Bank was transformed into a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Treasury under the name of PKO Bank Polski Spółka Akcyjna. In 2004 Bank’s flotation on the Warsaw Stock Exchange took place. In 2010, the bank was included in the Forbes 2000 Global list of the largest public companies in the world.

PKO Bank Polski Group is one of the largest financial institutions in Poland and one of the leading financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

PKO Bank Polski is a leader in the Polish banking sector in terms of the number of current accounts, payment cards issued and the value of mortgage loans.

Since March 2015, PKO Bank Polski Group has been managing the Mortgage Bank. PKO Bank Polski Group is represented in Ukraine through its subsidiaries KREDOBANK SA and “Inter-Risk Ukraine” Company.

The Bank provides a wide range of banking and financial services for its private and corporate clients that include:
Payment services
Multi-currency card service.

Bank website link

Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Santander Bank Polska SA is the third bank in Poland in terms of assets. Until 2018, it operated as Bank Zachodni WBK.

Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. was incorporated as a result of a merger of Bank Zachodni S.A. with Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy S.A. in 2001. That year, the Bank’s shares debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In 2011, Zachodni WBK SA Bank joined international group Santander Group, and in 2013 it merged with Kredyt Bank SA.
The majority shareholder of Santander Bank Polska — Grupo Santander — is the No. 1 bank in the Eurozone and 11th in the world by market capitalization.
Santander Bank Polska — is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing financial institutions in Poland.

For private clients, small and medium enterprises and large corporations Santander Bank Polska Group offers:
Brokerage services
Asset and investment fund management
A full range of banking services.

Bank website link

Alior Bank

Alior bank was founded in 2008. It is the fourth-largest bank by the number of branches and the fastest growing bank in Poland. For this reason, it is a multiple winner of international banking awards.
The Bank combines the principles of traditional banking with innovative solutions that help it systematically strengthen its market position and define new directions for the Polish banking sector development.

Alior Bank is a reliable business partner and appreciated in the market. Alior Bank shares are included in the WIG20 index, which consists of the largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Alior Bank brand is one of the most recognizable among bank clients.

Alior bank is a universal bank that provides services to private and corporate clients that include:
Extensive branch network
Modern internet
Mobile banking.

Bank website link

Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG

Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG is a subsidiary of the international conglomerate Safra Group, a private group of companies owned by Safra’s family since 1841. The main lines of business include banks, financial institutions, construction, industrial enterprises and agribusiness.

Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG is registered in Switzerland and operates under the FINMA banking licence. Bank is headquartered in Basel.
As such, the bank was established due to the merger of Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd with Safra Bank J. Safra (Switzerland) Ltd in 2013.

Bank J. Safra Sarasin specializes in conservative private banking and provides services to private and institutional clients on:
Asset management for private and corporate clients
Investment consulting for private and corporate clients.

Bank website link

Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. is a part of one of the oldest Swiss private banking groups — Julius Bär Group AG — that has been providing financial services since 1890. It is headquartered in Zürich. The group's branches are located in more than 20 countries and in such major world financial centres like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo. The group's activities are focused on providing high-quality wealth management and investment consulting services.

Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd is an independent universal private bank and provides the following services to private and corporate clients:
Wealth management
Private banking
Personal and corporate accounts
Card products
Custody service
Investment consulting
Currency and precious metals
Lombard lending.

Bank website link

VP Bank (Schweiz) AG

VP Bank (Schweiz) AG was established in Zurich in 1988 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of VP Bank AG Liechtenstein. It provides financial services on the basis of a FINMA banking licence. In 1956 VP Bank AG Liechtenstein was founded in Vaduz. It is now one of the major financial institutions in the country.

VP Bank AG Liechtenstein provides a full range of universal financial services, ranging from classical banking services for individuals and legal entities, and ending with a full range of services for capital preservation, enhancement and management.

VP Bank (Schweiz) AG specializes in wealth management and investment consulting services, such as:
Asset management for private and corporate clients
Investment consulting for private and corporate clients
Consulting and supporting independent asset management companies
Credit products.

Bank website link

Credit Suisse AG

Credit Suisse AG is a member of Credit Suisse Group AG, a Swiss financial holding company that has been providing services since 1856. Credit Suisse is the second-largest banking group in Switzerland and is included in the global list of systemically important banks. It is headquartered in Zürich. The group's branches and offices are located all major world financial centres.

Credit Suisse is a universal bank that provides services to private and corporate clients within Switzerland, as well as to non-residents all across the globe.
Credit Suisse provides such services as:
Investment banking
Private banking
Asset management
Corporate accounts and cards
Custody service
Currency and precious metals
Personal accounts and cards
Financial planning and retirement benefits
Deposits and savings
Mortgage lending.

Bank website link


UBS AG Bank is a part of the largest Swiss financial group UBS Group AG that has been providing financial services since 1862. Its head office is registered in Zurich. Along with Credit Suisse, UBS AG Ban is the second Swiss bank being included in the list of systemically important banks in the world. UBS Group AG maintains a presence in more than 50 countries and services clients from all over the world. It specializes in private banking, wealth management, investment banking and asset management services.

UBS Bank provides personal and corporate services to corporate and institutional clients, which include:
Corporate accounts and cards
Payment solutions
Personal accounts and cards
Corporate finance
International business
Financial planning and retirement benefits
Deposits and savings
Mortgage lending.

Bank website link

CIM Banque SA

CIM Banque SA is a small private Swiss bank, founded in 1990 by Francesco Signorio, a private Luxembourg banker.
CIM Banque SA is registered in Switzerland and operates under the FINMA banking licence. CIM Banque is headquartered in Geneva, with its branches based in Geneva, Wollerau and Lugano. The bank specializes in universal banking services for private and corporate clients from more than 80 countries. What is more, its experts speak 12 different languages.

CIM Banque provides the following services:
Corporate accounts and cards
International payments
Trade financing (letters of credit, collection, bank guarantees)
Personal accounts and cards
Brokerage services
Private banking
Deposits and savings
Forex transactions
Lombard lending.

Bank website link

Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank founded in 1975 is the first Islamic bank to introduce the principles of Islam in all its practices and is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE. DIB is a public joint-stock company and its shares are listed on the financial market of Dubai.

Today, the bank has 62 branches in the UAE. DIB is involved in local and international partnerships through DIB Pakistan Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary with a network of 75 branches in 27 major cities in Pakistan.

DIB also has a representative office in Turkey, and the Central Bank of Jordan obtained a preliminary banking licence to operate as an Islamic financial institution through a new legal entity, the Islamic Bank of Jordan in Dubai.

In 2019, DIB acquired Noor Bank.

DIB offers the following services:
Auto finance
Home finance
Personal finance
Smart banking

Bank website link

Mashreq Bank

The first branch of Mashreq Bank PSC (formerly known as the Bank of Oman) was opened in Deira in 1967. Soon the second branch was established on the other side of Dubai Creek in the Bur Dubai area. Over the next few years, branches were opened in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. In 1971, the United Arab Emirates emerged as a new state and the rial (QRD) was replaced by dirhams (AED) as the official currency. This move subsequently proved to be an incentive for state growth. Soon, the Bank of Oman became the first UAE bank to open a branch in Doha, Qatar.

Mashreq Bank is one of the leading banks in the Middle East market and has 12 international offices in 9 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

It was Mashrek Bank that influenced the development of Dubai and the UAE as a whole. Today, in the highly competitive environment and rapidly growing financial industry, Mashrek Bank was the first to introduce many new banking products for each business segment. After the introduction of the cards, it launched post-terminals and secure cards, along with introducing innovations such as the investment fund associated with the Indian stock market.

The choice of Mashrek Bank's services includes call centres, electronic money transfers, cash desk operations, multicurrency accounts, banking cards issuing and servicing, GSM banking, ATMs, Internet banking, as well as a number of services related to project financing. And all these first-class services are provided together with innovative technologies.

Bank website link


The United Arab Bank was founded in 1975 as a private joint-stock company in the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. UAB is recognized as the leading provider of financial solutions for the expanding clientele in the commercial and industrial UAE sectors. The Bank became a public joint-stock company by Amiri Decree No. 17/82, issued by His Highness the Ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah on July 29, 1982. Since March 21, 2005, the Bank has been listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

UAB offers its clients a full range of corporate and institutional banking services, supported by trade finance, retail banking and treasury services as a supplement to Islamic banking solutions. This makes the Bank the preferred partner among the main segments of the corporate clientele. The Bank also received an award for the UAB Rewards loyalty program which is regarded as the best loyalty program in the UAE.

In December 2007, the Commercial Bank (CB) — the largest Qatari private bank — made an acquisition of 40% interest in UAB. Given UAB’s strong financial performance over the coming years, its strategic alliance with the Qatari Bank has been very beneficial.
CB had previously concluded a similar alliance with National Bank of Oman (NBO) and Alternatifbank (Turkey), thus, setting the stage for strong growth by all three banks.

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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) was established in April 2017 as a result of the merger of the Abu Dhabi National Bank and First Gulf Bank. FAB is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates.

FAB is rated Aa3 / AA- / AA- by Moody's, S&P and Fitch, comprising the strongest combined ratings among all banks in the MENA region. The Bank has been recognized by Global Finance as the safest bank in the UAE and the Middle East. FAB is ranked as No. 1 in the Middle East in the Top 1000 World Banks 2018 ranking of The Banker Magazine.

FAB is structured, along with its subsidiaries, into the following business segments:
Domestic Banking segment, comprised of consumer banking, business banking group and elite banking;
International Banking segment, which manages overseas banking network and credit derivative portfolio;
Financial Markets segment, which operates through liquidity management and interest rate group, trading and investment group, institutional coverage and primary market, corporate coverage and e-commerce group;
Corporate and Investment Banking segment, which provides corporate and investment clients with advice and solutions;
Global Wealth segment, which comprises private banking, asset management group, custody and business development;
Islamic Business segment, which offers Islamic banking solutions.

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Emirate NBD

Emirate NBD emerged in October 2007 as a result of the merger of Emirates Bank International (EBI) and National Bank of Dubai (NBD) and immediately became the largest bank in the Persian Gulf with a total market capitalization of $11.3 billion. Until now, it has maintained its leading position.

The bank’s total assets exceed 500 billion dirhams. The group operates in the UAE, Egypt, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and has representative offices in China and Indonesia.

In the Emirates NBD now there are more than 9,000 employees representing
70 nationalities. This is one of the largest staff in the UAE.

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Opening a foreign private bank account

The liberalization of currency legislation has enabled Ukrainian residents to invest currency in foreign assets freely. Selection of a bank for opening a private account in keeping with client’s purposes.

Purposes of opening a private account include:
— receiving income from professional activities
— receiving salary
— receiving fees from foreign customers
— receiving dividends from international companies
— accumulating currency in a reliable bank
— accumulating of currency in a reliable bank
— covering personal needs while staying abroad
— purchasing e or long-term real estate renting abroad.
Documents for opening a private account include:
— foreign passport
— proof of residence: internal passport stamped with place of registration or utility bill
— resume
— information on planned account activities
— documents affirming the origin of funds that, depend on the purpose of opening an account, such as: labour contracts, tax returns, documents certifying real estate sales, salary certificates, documents certifying income from investments or
decision for dividend payments etc.

Foreign financial regulators are strengthening measures to combat money laundering and tax evasion optimization schemes.
Given this, foreign banks tighten requirements for existing and new customers and their beneficiaries when performing compliance checks. Therefore, an operational corporate account is an essential aspect when setting up an international business.
In most cases, registered company without a corporate account is regarded as only a pile of legal documents.

Information requested by banks to open a corporate account:
1. Regarding the company: corporate papers corporate ownership structure, financial statements, website, public information

2. Regarding company’s activities: an expanded description of the company’s lines of business counteragents, bank statements from other banks, contracts, accounts, transport documents, licenses, permits and other documents confirming
its activities

3. Regarding ultimate beneficiaries: residency, resume, affirmation of the origin of funds, reputation data, public information, PEP status
The choice of the bank depends on the purpose of opening an account and on the type of banking products that include:
1. Prosessing settlement transactions
2. Investing in securities
3. Forming, accumulating and preserving capital in foreign banks
4. Using of documentary instruments: collection of payments, letters of credit, bank guarantees
5. Fundraising and financing business development
What does the support or opening a foreign bank account include?
Changes in financial monitoring procedures and KYC tighten up the process of opening foreign bank accounts: banks thoroughly check the company itself, its ultimate beneficiaries and the origin of funds.

We accompany clients throughout the procedure of opening a foreign bank account, facilitate the quick completion of the consideration and approval process by banking authorities. We respond proactively by anticipating e additional bank issues.
Collaboration Mechanism:
We offer cooperation with the best banks to service your business
We provide information on bank fees and banking terms and conditions
We compile and transmit the full package of documents required by the bank
We develop the concept of the correct explanation of the origin of funds
We translate and certify all the necessary documents
We organize a simplified procedure for the client’s identification, including remoted procedurel
Payment system
Take a deeper look at payment systems
A payment system is a financial institution operating according to the specific arrangement of rules, procedures and infrastructure for settling financial transactions between individuals and legal entities. The payment system provides financial services pursuant to an appropriate licence. The payment system is a global financial market player, an issuer of electronic money that provides various payment services for legal entities and individuals. As the financial market player, the payment system is subject to licensing; in many countries, licensing and regulation of payment systems are within the competence of national banks or self-regulatory financial institutions. The payment system is an alternative to traditional banking and due to the introduction of technological innovations it allows to perform such transactions as Internet acquiring, processing, cross-border payments faster and easier than through a bank.
Who can open an account in a payment system?
The payment system provides services to legal entities and individuals (both residents and non-residents) as follows: opening and maintaining multicurrency corporate accounts with the assignment of IBAN; opening and maintaining private accounts; issuing and supporting corporate cards; issuing and supporting private international payment cards; crediting money to the payment system user account; withdrawing money from the payment system user account; international and domestic transfers in different currencies, SEPA, SWIFT, TARGET2; remote service via the Internet banking system; merchant accounts; internet acquiring; currency exchange operations.
Payment systems offer a wide range of services and often perform less close compliance and KYC, which facilitates opening a corporate account and makes it more comfortable. Many payment systems focus on a particular client base, such as IT, Internet sales, international trade or logistics. Due to its specialized field of expertise, a business can receive the highest quality and fastest service, without unnecessary requests for documents and stop-payments unless the essence of the transactions is clarified. Therefore, lines of business will be clear and transparent to the experts of a narrow-profile payment system.
Manticora Consulting will advise you on choosing the payment system, as appropriate, will assist in opening the necessary account as soon as practicable.

Select payment system

Decta Limited

SatchelPay UAB

Bilderlings Pay Limited


3S Money

Decta Limited

Decta limited is an e-money institution that was registered in the United Kingdom in 2015. It operates under the license of the Office for Financial Regulation and Supervision of the United Kingdom FCA PH 900592 of 2018. Decta is a pan-European payment system, which has the right to provide services in 31 countries of Europe. Decta is a universal electronic platform for online transactional services, offering a full range of services for online businesses and offers its customers the following services: — merchant accounts; — Internet acquiring; — issue of payment cards; — technical processing.

SatchelPay UAB

SatchelPay UAB is a payment system registered in Lithuania in 2017. It has been providing universal financial services since March 2018 under license No. 28 of the Department of Supervisory Services of the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania. SatchelPay is a European electronic payment system with a licence covering 31 European countries. Satchelpay is a unique platform to cover all transactional needs of legal entities and private clients from all over the world. As a digital alternative to classic banking, SatchelPay offers the following services: — personal and corporate accounts with a unique IBAN; — incoming and outgoing transfers in multiple currencies, including SEPA and SWIFT payments; — e-wallet services, including downloading e-wallets through third-party organizations; — trading accounts for collecting payments; — issuing and servicing international payment cards.

Bilderlings Pay Limited

Bilderlings Pay Limited is a financial institution, an electronic money issuer registered in the United Kingdom in 2015. It provides universal financial services as certified by UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) No. 900637 dated 2018. Bilderlings is a pan-European payment system that is entitled to provide services in 31 European countries. Bilderlings offers alternative banking products, providing access to modern, convenient and effective financial instruments. Its purpose is to give the client a wide selection of financial instruments within one platform. Bilderlings is connected to major payment card schemes – VISA and Mastercard and is a member of SEPA and SWIFT. Bilderlings offers the following services: - personal and corporate accounts with a unique IBAN; - incoming and outgoing transfers in different currencies, including SEPA and SWIFT payments; - services of electronic wallets, including downloading electronic wallets through third-party organizations; - merchant accounts for collecting payments; - issue and maintenance of international payment cards.


Electronic Payment Solutions LTD was started in November 2017 by a group of former corporate bankers, IT geeks and entrepreneurs driven by the idea of creating a digital bank for small & medium businesses and entrepreneurs with transparent prices and responsive support. In 2019 the firm was authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under Electronic Money Regulations 2011 to issue electronic money and provide payment services (FRN 900873). ELPASO built a fully digital platform for the customers who wish to go international in their daily needs like international cross-border payments and currency exchange. ELPASO offers the following services: IBAN SEPA payments ELPA wallet Internal payments Domestic payments International payments Currency conversion

3S Money

3S Money was launched by a team of experienced merchant bankers and FinTech professionals, all disillusioned with high-street banks that fail to understand the intricate workings and unique needs of businesses. 3S Money believes that modern financial technology should provide fairness in banking, offering equal access to banking no matter where you do your business. 3S Money aims to provide a much-needed personal touch in a highly technological industry, effortlessly marrying the old-fashioned merchant banking experience with cutting-edge financial technology. 3S Money is a banking service for a community of selected cross-border businesses where members are accepted by invitation only. 3S is a financial group that has been operating in the City of London since 2009. It has great expertise and a proven track record in dealing with regulated activities in the UK. For example, the founders, Andrei Dikouchine and Ivan Zhiznevskiy, serve as FCA-approved directors on the board of, an FCA regulated online peer-to-peer lending business.

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We have direct agency contracts with rofessional service providers in more than 50 countries. Our partners are established legal and audit companies. We work directly with leading banking, payment and financial institutions from across the globe.
Money loves silence. We keep our clients’ secrets. We do not keep any documentation as material data and store electronic files on remote servers out of Ukraine. We sign an NDA with each client, and expect mutual privacy from our clients within our collaboration.
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We accompany the client throughout the entire life cycle of the project. We provide a full range of services from registration, support, aintenance of the company, account openings to the liquidation of the company if necessary. We speak a language of our client, discuss and agree on project implementation options.