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Business development and protection toolkit
Natalie Mudrak, founder
“It is my experience, not arguments I rely on when providing solutions!”

Pleased to meet you! I am Natalie Mudrak. My thesis is dedicated to “Deoffshorization as a paradigm of the institutional evolution of the modern world economy”. Since 2013, I have been improving my professional qualifications in the international banking sector. In my work I study, analyze and consider world economy changes occurring both globally and locally. The latter including intra-state and, intra-bank fundamental improvements, requirements for transparency in doing business, namely “lifting” bank secrecy, unreserved affirmation of the source of the funds, tightening up KYC procedures and many other processes. I provide solutions for specific client-set tasks. As the founder I guarantee that my company effective modern solutions for implement dynamically developing clients’ businesses. It is my experience, not arguments I rely on when taking decisions. After all, what does "success"? Success follows the right decisions. The right decisions are based on experience. Experience is a conclusion from wrong decisions. And everything that begins with belief: in one’s cause, in one’s knowledge, in one’s experience, in one’s right decisions, eventually leads to success. I am confident that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

Foreign corporate structure


Tax planning

Bank account

Wealth management

Residency and ordinary residency. Tax residency change

Core competency

International financial consulting

Manticora Consulting provides services in the field of international tax planning, banking and investment consulting, as well as foreign corporate law.
  • Foreign company registration
  • Consulting services for banking
  • International tax planning
  • Wealth management
  • Obtaining foreign residency and ordinary residency
  • Tax residency change
  • Obtaining licenses
Our philosophy
“Skin in the Game"
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
We use international tax planning and structuring tools to protect your assets. Our system combines experience and knowledge of leading experts from across the globe.
Business solutions
We create corporate structures to support your business development
We determine the client’s needs given international requirements to build an efficient business model.
Why you should trust us
Basis our work
Practical approach
We create solutions based on workable methods that will benefit your business now and will be efficient in the future.
Comprehensibility for business
We create solutions adaptive for Ukrainian realities. We advise clients on recent trends in Ukraine and in the world, clearly explain all difficulties.
Network of foreign partners
We have direct agency contracts with rofessional service providers in more than 50 countries. Our partners are established legal and audit companies. We work directly with leading banking, payment and financial institutions from across the globe.
Continuous development
We keep up with changes in national and international regulation, promptly develop solutions based on them, and advise on changes in the structure of the client’s business.
Money loves silence. We keep our clients’ secrets. We do not keep any documentation as material data and store electronic files on remote servers out of Ukraine. We sign an NDA with each client, and expect mutual privacy from our clients within our collaboration.
Turnkey solutions
We accompany the client throughout the entire life cycle of the project. We provide a full range of services from registration, support, aintenance of the company, account openings to the liquidation of the company if necessary. We speak a language of our client, discuss and agree on project implementation options.